Abaut us:

The Kindergarten of Agia Marina Kapsalou is located in the centre of the city of Limassol, Cyprus. It is a public school that follows the curricula of preprimary education of the Ministry of Education of Cyprus. The age group of the children accepted in the school are 3-6 year olds.The school has a headmistress, 4 full time teachers, 2 part time teachers and 3 school helpers. It has four classes with about 75 students in the whole. The school has also many children of immigrants.
After attending a contact making seminar that was held in Antwerp, Belgium, the teacher who participated presented the outcomes to the school staff. The idea of having an Erasmus+ project on the school’s agenda was very interesting as the school has never participated in a similar project. The school staff wants to exchange good practices with schools from other EU countries and see how other schools deal with different issues that are common to all countries.
The key people that will be in charge of the project are the headmistress Melina Louca Angelopoulou and the teacher who participated in the contact making seminar Eleni Pitsillidou. In case these people leave their position in the future the new headmistress will be held responsible to finish the project in cooperation with the teachers of the school. Eleni is an awarded etwinner so she can offer her expertise in etwinning. All the school staff will be involved in the project both teaching and helping staff. All the students of the school will also be involved. All the activities will be approved by the headmistress.

The person that took part to the contact making seminar is an awarded etwinner. The project that won the European Quality Label consisted of about 10 schools and the etwinning experience will be very helpful to the completion of the current project. Through etwinning the school is engaged and with other projects regarding the environment which will be also useful for our current project. We have already created an etwinning project for our project which will be our way of sharing activities. The experience of both the Cypriot and the Slovenian school on etwinning will be very helpful for this purpose.
Our school and some of the teachers were involved in the past in projects with Eco-schools so the experience gained from there could be shared. We also participated in the LEAF project this year and we have done some activities around biodiversity. Some of the teachers visited Environmental centers and have participated in the programs offered there concerning the biodiversity and water.


Demonaktos 17, Limassol, Ciper